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By completing this application, you will be sending both me and the universe the message that you are ready for something big! Answer these few questions, and I will send you an email on what to do next.

Only the right people will be selected to join my Experts Club, so be specific about what you want, and then we can "metamorphosis" it together using my team's platform as we coach each other to our ultimate success and expert status!

If there is more to your story than the form allows, please feel free to email me at [email protected] Interviews will eventually follow with our finalists.

Don't wait ... if you are thinking to wait until you have the most compelling story to tell, or until you think your life and the timing is perfect ... you may be waiting for a very long time! I want to hear from you today as I hope to pick the most diverse group possible.

APPLICATIONS will close December 1, 2019.

for the WINTER 2020 Experts Club Session. (Jan-April)

Submitting this application DOES NOT guarantee acceptance into the program. Please check your text and emails for updates from me regarding acceptance into the program.

This is only the beginning, I have a feeling we are going to do some OMazing things together!


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